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The next morning the gentle wakeup, thankfully, came much later than the day before.  The camp awakened slowly as the inhabitants came out in their own time.  There was much rejoicing as we had all survived, in one way or another, the day before and were no worse for wear.  The adventures were fresh in mind and the joy and camaraderie was abundant.  Sometime in the morning Team Goju had slipped away, I think it was with Kodiak Cacher, on an ATV to hunt down his derelict GPS.  When he returned it was with a heroes welcome, riding in standing up at the back of the ATV with the GPS raised high.  Everyone was cheering at the top of their lungs, so glad at the sight.  He also found my Gatorade and the note Res2100 had left the night before.  What a great way to end the dwindling time at camp.

We packed up and Rainbow, HikerT, Keith Watson and myself started the long trek home. This time I was in no hurry and was amazed at the condition of the road I’d blazed through just 2 days ago. We took our time and made 2 stops before hitting the road.  A cache and a beautiful lake on the north side on the way out, just past our “Low on gas” realization.  I must have been really tired as I somehow managed to leave my FABABOO stamp in the Springs Cache.  It was starting to wear out so I was due to make a new one anyway. (Update October 27 – New stamps made today)

When we got to the main road I looked at the GPS and saw a few caches to the north a bit.  Everyone was up for a cache or two as long as they were not 3+ on the terrain scale we joked.  We had a little road mapping problem getting to the first one then took a look at the next.  Forgotten Falls. Wow!  4 terrain!  The description made it look very appealing.  In spite of the terrain, we decided to make a go of it.  It was a SimplyRed & Kodiak Cacher cache that was out of this world and we were glad to have stopped.  While we were mucking around there we were joined by the Goju’s and Jefftrex and reminiscing started all over again.  If this was the only cache we did on the way home, I was going home completely satisfied!  The rest of the trip home was mostly uneventful.  We did stop by the Big Nickel before taking the long road home in the darkness.  I finally arrived home as the clock in the car struck midnight having completely missed Thanksgiving dinner.  While I was exhausted, my wife and I talked till about 3am catching up on each others adventures in the days that passed.  That was after a much needed shower of course.

The Geocaching Gods must have decided to make up for the downpour they threw at the GTA Geobash.  The weather couldn’t have been better and neither could the company.  Many thanks to Ralph and the local catchers for all the hard work and planning that made this event possible.  An adventure of a lifetime we won’t soon forget.


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