Tweet A little over a year ago Garmin Launched to much fanfare. In that time Opencaching has managed to attract less than 50 geocache listings in the Waterloo Region. Compare this with the almost 2300 munzees placed in the region of Water in just over a year. With this stat alone munzee has crushed […]

Do we need

TweetGroundspeak does a good job with don’t they?  I think they have built a nice functional website, for that I’m happy.  I think they are also narrow minded and restrictive with the information we contribute and for that I am not happy. I sit on the executive team for the Ontario Geocaching Association.  When […]

Approaching 1000 Geocache Finds

TweetAs I approach 1000 geocache finds I’m starting to get a strange feeling come over me.  I’ve never been about the numbers.  Some of my caching friends have in excess of 4000 finds, one even double that.  For me I’ve never enjoyed going out and doing drive by caches just to pad my numbers.   […]

Geocache Google Trend

TweetBelow you will see a trend chart for the terms “Geocache and Geocaching“.  This is a rolling chart so it will be different each time you come back to the site.  Can you identify and reasons for the spikes?  The spike at the end of December is probably due to the number of GPSr given […]