Geocaching Review – Garmin GPSMAP 62s

TweetThe GPSMAP 62s has now joined me for some geocaching adventures, at night no less!  I was previously using a Garmin Colorado 300.   My sense is that Garmin has worked hard to make this a geocaching friendly GPS receiver. Even though I think it is a excellent GPSr for geocaching it is going to […]

Splinterheads Movie Review

TweetI found out about this movie last year.  I was intrigued because Geocaching factored into the story as a way to bring the two main characters together.  I sat down last night and popped in the DVD.   The story was very predictable, misfit falls for pretty girl, pretty girl ignores misfit, girl and boy […]

Review Garmin Colorado GPSr

TweetWhen I attend geocaching group events it would appear that Garmin is the manufacturer of choice for geocachers.  It’s no wonder that is the case.  Garmin makes an excellent handheld GPS receiver. I did my first Geocache yesterday with my new Colorado 300.  Overall the experience was pretty good but I can tell you that […]

Garmin eTrex Legend

TweetI didn’t buy my eTrex legend for geocaching. I bought just because I thought GPS was a cool technology. A friend at work introduced me to the idea of geocaching and with eTrex in hand I decided to give it a go. The eTrex was a good entry level unit that allowed me to try […]