Power to the People

It takes a good six months of efforts to put the BFL Boot Camp together. At the size it is now it would be nearly impossible to put this event on without access to collaboration tools. To buy access to comparable commercial tools would easily cost into the thousands of dollars. Our event and the tools we use to put it on is just one example of how social/collaboration tools are giving more Power to the People!

Cache listed on Opencaching.us

TweetIn the last week I’ve written a few posts on Garmin’s opencaching.com initiative.  While doing some research I thought it would be interesting to post a couple of caches on the existing opencaching.us website.  The opencaching.TLD community is a little split on whether it is a good idea for Garmin to launch a commercial site […]

Garmin to Introduce a Geocaching Site?

TweetThere is a discussion going on at the It’s Not About The Numbers blog concerning whether or not Garmin is going to launch a geocaching website. The author of that blog points out some interesting indicators but I don’t agree with the author’s conclusion. There is only a little evidence thus far.  There is a WHOIS entry that lists ns.garmin.com […]