Groundspeak Fosters Openness

TweetLast week I wrote a post about my struggle to get a count of the number of geocachers in Ontario from Groundspeak.  I went through the regular channels and was told the information doesn’t exist.  Technically speaking that is probably true so I rephrased my question.  I asked how many members of are from […]

OGA Geocoin Coming Soon

TweetAfter many months of waiting the Ontario Geocaching Coin will soon be here.  Samples have been produced.  The coins are not available for sale yet.   Be sure and join the association in order to be eligible for the member only finish.  Final pricing has not been determined.  Below are some teaser images. teamvoyagrI have been writing […]

Ontario Geocaching Association

TweetI made some changes to the Ontario Geocaching Association website today.  The biggest change is the I highlighted the fact that there is a free membership to the association.   All you need to do is sign up. That’s it.  No strings attached.  If you want to go further you can buy the paid membership […]

Ontario Geocaching Association

TweetI have volunteered my services to the Ontario Geocaching Association.  I will be helping with the website.  Today has been a busy day getting the site monitoring tools in place.  If you are not already a member then I encourage you to join.  It’s currently only $5 for a lifetime membership.   Your contribution supports […]