Review Garmin Colorado GPSr

TweetWhen I attend geocaching group events it would appear that Garmin is the manufacturer of choice for geocachers.  It’s no wonder that is the case.  Garmin makes an excellent handheld GPS receiver. I did my first Geocache yesterday with my new Colorado 300.  Overall the experience was pretty good but I can tell you that […]

How Much of a Hint

TweetHow much of a hint is too much?  I think that all depends on the person that needs the hint. I was out with a group of eight to do some night caching .  This wasn’t just caching at night this was attempting to find geocaches that have been designed to be found at night. […]

Night Caching Video

TweetI had my little Sony DSC-V1 out with me and I remembered it had the nightspot feature.  I decided to try and record a little video of our night caching adventure.  I may invest in better video editing based on the feedback from this video attempt. teamvoyagrI have been writing the cachemania blog since 2008. […]

BFL Boot Camp IV Review

TweetThis was my third BFL Boot Camp and I was not disappointed.  The organizers did a superb job. Everything from finding a suitable location to host the pub night to creating innovative and fun night caches. I’ll review each cache that we did and then give a wrap up of the night overall. My team […]