Do nanos suck?

TweetI was so amazed the first time I saw magnetic nano cache.   I remember it quite clearly.   I was in a parking lot parked in front of a sign.   Where could the cache be.   Turns out it was in the gap between the sign and the U shaped posed that held the […]

Hiding a Micro Cache

TweetIf you live in an urban area chances are you are going to be looking for micro caches at some point.  This is a size cache container that is gaining in popularity even in more remote areas where there is lots of room for larger caches. I’m making a concerted effort to create larger caches […]

(spoiler) Latest Cache

TweetI placed this cache today. I found a small piece of silver birch that was hollow inside. I filled the inside with expanding foam so that it would keep it’s shape and stuck a painted match container inside. The expansion of the foam pushed it out a little further than I wanted but it is […]