Opencaching Tipping Point

TweetThe phrase tipping point refers to the point in time when an idea spreads on its own, organically. It is the point where attitudes change and the general population starts to move in a new direction. A little over a year ago Garmin introduced Since that time Garmin has offered promotions and incentives to […]

Geocaching Theft defines theft as: the wrongful taking and carrying away of the personal goods of another from his or her possession with intent to convert them to the taker’s own use. I mention this because I want to make something clear. Taking someone’s cache and listing it as your own on another site is larceny or to use another word, theft. has been around for 10 years and some other geocaching sites have been around for nearly […]

Garmin Makes it Official

TweetIt was confirmed to me last week that Garmin was going to launch a cache listing site.  After much anticipation Garming makes it official and launched today.  It will take a little while to analyze the site as I did not have advance access.  Im sure that if you are interested in this site […]

Compare Geocache Listing Sites

TweetI received a message from a reader in Germany pointing me to a very comprehensive list comparing various geocache listing sites.  Garmin’s site is not yet listed.  We will have to wait for an updated list in the future.  The site is in German and can be found here: Follow this link for […]

Geocache Listing Site Experiment

TweetPrior to the launch of Garmin’s site I thought I’d take a look at the three current contenders for geocache listing sites:, and I created a cache unique for each listing site. The caches are reachable from the same parking location so you can do all three in one stop, assuming […]