Something New From Garmin?

TweetThe Oregon will soon be replaced by the new Garmin Nevada neural implant with Area51 Geocache AutoSense(TM) technology. You’ll develop a twitch on your left side when you get within 250 metres of a geocache, and both sides will twitch when within 25 metres. Automatic downloads use TELUS and AT&T to download cache descriptions directly […]

How To Spot a Geocacher

TweetThe following list was compiled by Gregory Pleau (NorthernPenguin). How to Spot a Geocacher They’re the one constantly picking pine needles and cedar bits out of their coat pockets. They’re the one walking in circles around the spruce tree, while the dog waits on the trail. They are the one standing beside that lamp post, […]

Gadget Geeks

TweetI went out and did a first to find last night.  I was reading the logs to see who has found the cache since then and I just had to chuckle at what was in the logs. mine:  “I saw this in my inbox and called Bakers Dozen” Bakers Dozen:  “The email came in on […]