Garmin Makes it Official

TweetIt was confirmed to me last week that Garmin was going to launch a cache listing site.  After much anticipation Garming makes it official and launched today.  It will take a little while to analyze the site as I did not have advance access.  Im sure that if you are interested in this site […]

25% Growth in Cache Listings

TweetHave you noticed a lot of power trails lately?  Or maybe you are finding caches everywhere including the ever so delightful guardrail cache?  You are not imagining an increase in geocaches, there has indeed been tremendous growth in cache placement in the last year. According to Groundspeaks history of it took the site from […]

Garmin Already Using Groundspeak Data

TweetThis morning I wrote a post about how to avoid geocache placement density issues.  In a follow-up exchange with a member of the Ontario Geocaching Association I was challenged on whether or not an API to check distances would actually work.  That’s when I remembered that perhaps one already exists. If you have a […]

How to Avoid Geocache Saturation

TweetI have recently been investigating some of the other alternative geocache listing sites such as and  I even went so far as to list caches on those two sites plus in an attempt to gauge the popularity of those sites.  When placing these caches I wanted them to be fairly close together […]

Conversation with Garmin about Geocaching

TweetThere has been a fair bit of chatter about Garmin’s decision to launch their own Geocache listing site.  I have been trying to talk to someone at Garmin about since I started writing about it here.  I am searching for the facts, not speculation. I was successful in getting in touch with Jake Jacobson […]