GRCA Geocaching Policy Details

TweetThe new Grand River Conservation authority geocaching policy is fairly straightforward and doesn’t differ substantially from other policies in this part of the province. Here are some highlights from the new GRCA Geocaching Policy: Cacher must complete the “Cache Information Form” No specified limit to the number of caches in an area, limit to be […]

GRCA Geocaching Policy Approved

TweetI heard from my contact at the Grand River Conservation Authority today.  Their Geocaching Policy has been approved.  I should have a copy of the policy later today.  I will post it when I receive it.   I don’t know if this will apply retroactively. teamvoyagrI have been writing the cachemania blog since 2008. I’m […]

Property Owner Meetings

TweetI met yesterday with the managers of Ruthven Park to discuss placing a cache on their property.  The meeting went really well.  I think it went well because I was prepared for the meeting. Here’s how I prepared for the meeting: I brought along the cache I was going to place so they could see […]

GRCA Geocaching Policy

TweetI’d like to put a geocache in the GRCA’s Shade’s Mills conservation area but I can’t.  The park superintendent doesn’t allow it.  I wondered if this was a specific park rule or applied to all the conservation areas that are part of the GRCA.  Does the GRCA have an official goecaching policy?  Not Yet.  I’m not one to sit […]

Sunrise on the Grand River

TweetView more pictures from this beautiful spot on my flickr account. teamvoyagrI have been writing the cachemania blog since 2008. I’m interested in the development of geocaching and the many ways that people play the game.More Posts – Website Follow Me: Related posts: A Grand Adventure Beautiful area in Ayr Ontario Heritage Trail in Oakville