Compare Geocache Listing Sites

TweetI received a message from a reader in Germany pointing me to a very comprehensive list comparing various geocache listing sites.  Garmin’s site is not yet listed.  We will have to wait for an updated list in the future.  The site is in German and can be found here: Follow this link for […]

Unique Underwater Cache

TweetHere is a video I assembled from a visit to Leviathan Lurking.  I was out west to attend Geowoodstock VIII and visit family.  During a brief stay in Vancouver I was able to try this cache which I’d heard so much about.  The apparatus for this cache is quite complicated and will fail from time […]

Hiding a Micro Cache

TweetIf you live in an urban area chances are you are going to be looking for micro caches at some point.  This is a size cache container that is gaining in popularity even in more remote areas where there is lots of room for larger caches. I’m making a concerted effort to create larger caches […]

Property Owner Meetings

TweetI met yesterday with the managers of Ruthven Park to discuss placing a cache on their property.  The meeting went really well.  I think it went well because I was prepared for the meeting. Here’s how I prepared for the meeting: I brought along the cache I was going to place so they could see […]

Very unique cache container

TweetVery unique cache container. Very tricky. Visit my Flickr photostream for more pictures of this cache. teamvoyagrI have been writing the cachemania blog since 2008. I’m interested in the development of geocaching and the many ways that people play the game.More Posts – Website Follow Me: No related posts.