Popular in Germany? Or Vocal Backlash

TweetGarmin has changed the slogan on opencaching.com.  Today it says, in German: Bald auch unter einem Baumstumpf in deiner Nähe: Kostenlos, offen, in deiner Sprache! According to Google this translates as: Soon, under a tree stump near you: Free, open, in your language! I think I’ll ask the folks at opencaching.de if they think this […]

Delorme Backs Groundspeak

TweetGroundspeak has received the endorsement of Delorme in the soon to be active geocaching listing site show down.  Geocaching.com remains device agnostic.  Will opencaching.com be open to other device manufacturers? Delorme believes that geocaching is a key market for their products and has in cooperation with Groundspeak supported a number of geocaching activities.  According to […]

Something New From Garmin?

TweetThe Oregon will soon be replaced by the new Garmin Nevada neural implant with Area51 Geocache AutoSense(TM) technology. You’ll develop a twitch on your left side when you get within 250 metres of a geocache, and both sides will twitch when within 25 metres. Automatic downloads use TELUS and AT&T to download cache descriptions directly […]

Groundspeak Wins Round One

TweetGroundspeak outlasts another competitor.  It appears the geocache listing site, www.terracaching.com is going to shut down on December 31, 2010.  There is a post on their forum that makes this assertion.   The administrators are willing to have someone take over the site but they are done with it. I will now have to find a new […]

Groundspeak Fosters Openness

TweetLast week I wrote a post about my struggle to get a count of the number of geocachers in Ontario from Groundspeak.  I went through the regular channels and was told the information doesn’t exist.  Technically speaking that is probably true so I rephrased my question.  I asked how many members of geocaching.com are from […]