Magellan Sets Its Course

TweetMy view of the launch of is that Garmin is using the site as a marketing vehicle.  Geocaching as a hobby is growing exponentially.  Garmin wants a larger share of that market.  The companies that I think should be most concerned about are the other hardware manufacturers.  The GPSr manufacturers are drawing up […]

When is Geocaching Free?

TweetFree is a relative word.  I had a GPS before I knew anything about geocaching.  It was with my second GPS and etrex Legend that I discovered geocaching.  I didn’t buy the etrex for geocaching it just worked out that I could use it for this new geocaching thing.  When I was doing that geocaching […]

Delorme Backs Groundspeak

TweetGroundspeak has received the endorsement of Delorme in the soon to be active geocaching listing site show down. remains device agnostic.  Will be open to other device manufacturers? Delorme believes that geocaching is a key market for their products and has in cooperation with Groundspeak supported a number of geocaching activities.  According to […]

GPSr Early Adopters

Tweet I was out caching with the GHMGC yesterday.  In the group of 22 people in attendance I only saw one Magellan.  I don’t know what that means but I’m pretty sure it means that Garmin is the most popular GPSr manufacturer for geocaching.   I noticed something else yesterday, most of the folks in […]

Two-Way GPS

TweetWell it’s not exactly two-way GPS tracking but you can send text messages and update your position via the soon to be released DeLorme Earthmate PN-60w with SPOT Satellite Communicator. The SPOT beacon has been around for a while. It is a personal emergency beacon that sends a message via satellite to give rescuers your […]