Garmin GPSMAP 62s Initial Thoughts

TweetI ordered my Garming GPSMAP62s on Wednesday and it arrived today.  I admit it I succumbed to Garmin’s cash grab and upgraded so that I can use the chirp technology.  I would not have upgraded if the Colorado firmware received an upgrade.  The fact that it doesn’t is a sign that Garmin would rather you […]

Garmin Colorado Usability Tips

TweetI’ve had my Garmin Colorado for almost a year now.  I’m finally getting the hang of the scroll wheel.  I’ve done a few trips on some power trails lately followed by writing online logs for the wrong cache.  My memory isn’t what it used to be so  I’m making a concerted effort to enter something […]

60 Series Style Mount for Garmin Colorado

TweetAs much as my Colorado 300 annoys me from time-to-time I’m not going back to my GPSMAP 60CSx.  I loved my 60CSx but the lack of paperless caching is a problem.  I love the convenience of dropping a pocket query directly onto a memory card.  It makes getting ready for Geocaching so much easier.  That’s […]

New – Garmin GPSMAP 62st

Tweet A few months ago Garmin surprised many when it discontinued the relatively new Colorado line of handheld GPS units.  I was certainly surprised have only recently upgrading.  I discovered a couple of days ago that Garmin will be releasing the GPSMAP 62 series by the end of July.  From where I sit this is the unit Garmin should […]

Good Day for Garmin Support

TweetA couple of months ago I was out caching and my GPS started acting up.  I was getting lines across the screen.  There was conversation amongst myself and the cachers I was with that perhaps the Colorado 300 needed a firmware upgrade.  Luckily Northern Penguin had his laptop with him and by chance he had […]