BFL Devilluminati is Over

TweetWhat an experience.  For the three years prior to this year I’ve been attending the annual BFL Boot Camp.  I attended this year but not as a cacher.  I was one of the organizers of this year’s event.  I was excited to have volunteered to prepare a cache and then I realized that as and […]

BFL Countdown Begins

TweetThe 5th annual BFL Bootcamp event takes place on October 30th.  I’ve attended the previous three evenings, they are more than just the event.  This year will be the first year that I am placing  a cache for the event. I’m building my cache with Bakers Dozen.  We seem to have most of the physical […]

Heading out with the BFL crew …

TweetHeading out with the BFL crew tonight and the GHMGC tomorrow. I’ll need a nap on Sunday. teamvoyagrI have been writing the cachemania blog since 2008. I’m interested in the development of geocaching and the many ways that people play the game.More Posts – Website Follow Me: Related posts: Heading out to Uxbridge today …

How Much of a Hint

TweetHow much of a hint is too much?  I think that all depends on the person that needs the hint. I was out with a group of eight to do some night caching .  This wasn’t just caching at night this was attempting to find geocaches that have been designed to be found at night. […]

BFL Boot Camp IV Review

TweetThis was my third BFL Boot Camp and I was not disappointed.  The organizers did a superb job. Everything from finding a suitable location to host the pub night to creating innovative and fun night caches. I’ll review each cache that we did and then give a wrap up of the night overall. My team […]