Major Travel Bug Launch

TweetIn case you were wondering if all I did was write about caching here’s evidence that I’m getting ready to place a cache, two actually. I’m working on two caches and the launch of 100 travel bugs.  There will be 8 missions for these travel bugs.  Maybe I should make it 10 so there are […]

Pet Peeves

TweetI’ve been geocaching for a few years now and as with anything over time we all have the tendency to find that certain things irk us for our own reasons. When something is a pet peeve it’s called that because it may not be a universally shared sentiment. I’ve recently been giving some thought to […]

Ammo Can Geocache

TweetI recently made a series of geocaches from various containers I had lying around the house.  I was trying to decided what is the best container for a geocache.   I used a round lock-n-lock and a square lock-n-lock.  I painted both using camouflage paint.  I looked at the cost of these containers, about $3ea […]