I found out about this movie last year.  I was intrigued because Geocaching factored into the story as a way to bring the two main characters together.  I sat down last night and popped in the DVD.   The story was very predictable, misfit falls for pretty girl, pretty girl ignores misfit, girl and boy eventually get together.   I laughed a few times and found the movie enjoyable.  Would I recommend it, sure, but it’s not a must see kind of  movie.

There are a number of recognizable faces in the cast, Rachael Taylor (Transformers), Christopher McDonald, Lea Thompson and Dean Winters.  The supporting cast was probably funnier than the main characters. There is a dinner scene that had enough awkwardness to make it quite funny.  This movie is not for children.  There is a fair amount of profanity and a few sexually suggestive situations.

I wanted to see Splinterheads because of the geocaching connection.  There were a variety of cache containers found throughout the movie and they looked quite authentic.  The character’s use of the GPS was a little “hollywood” but what can you expect from a movie.  There is an underwater cache that I quite liked but you just need to watch a couple of trailers if you want to see it.    It would appear that GC.com paid to be a sponsor.  The website gets a prominent appearance on screen.

This would be a good movie to watch with some geocaching friends.  It might even be neat to create a series of caches similar to those discovered in the movie.


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