Come fall you can frequently find me in front of the TV on a Sunday afternoon watching football.  From time-to-time you’ll see a wide receiver land awkwardly.   I have gained a new appreciation for their toughness when I watch them “walk it off”.  Last Sunday I sprained my ankle while trying to re-hide a cache that was hidden just a little bit higher than my arms would reach.

Sprained Ankle

You can see a fair bit of swelling in my ankle.

Luckily we were not far from the car when it happened.  I was able to walk to the car under my own power but only barely.  I was surprised to realize that I was experiencing a little bit of shock.  I got the shivers and felt like being sick.   I haven’t been to the doctor yet so at this point I’m assuming it’s just a sprain.   In researching treatment for this kind of injury I found this great page on treating an sprained ankle.  It can take more than a year for a severe sprain to heal!

I’ll be doing two things as soon as I’m mobile:

  1. buying hiking boots, not shoes
  2. buying a folding splint and ice pack to carry in my backpack


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