Geocaching the Runestone Geocache (Teamvoyager, Bakersdozen, Shadefrog)

Geocaching the Runestone Geocache (Teamvoyager, Bakersdozen, Shadefrog)

Geocaching has something for everyone but this geocache is only for the adventurous. To start with it is in a cave so that prevents anyone with a passing sense of claustrophobia. The caves get VERY narrow so you really need to want to go in there. There is a bit of climbing. The climbing isn’t too difficult but there are a few blind drops which requires a certain confidence in your ability. This is definitely not a kid friendly geocache. Teenagers might love it but the little ones are not likely to enjoy it so much. Dark? I’ve never know this kind of dark. Turn of your lamp and you can’t see a thing, nothing. So if you want to try this cache then I hope you don’t have a fear of the dark.

This was a great geocache. It offers a sense of adventure. Even if you don’t attempt this geocache just seeing the opening will bring you a great spot in Ontario. I’ve hiked the Bruce Trail many times but this section of the trail offered some sights I’d never seen before. The area is a hotspot for rock climbers. We saw two groups of climbers the day we were there.

We were much challenged by this cache not just because of the physical hurdles but the also by the lack of the obvious. There was no a-ha stump, not “geotrail”. Even pictures by previous geocachers weren’t much help. We didn’t get to this cache so to be honest we might have been in the wrong place but there was no way of knowing. There were no outward signs to tell us we were close. We couldn’t even use the GPSr to give us a clue as to distance. We used every clue available to us and were still challenged.

We owe a great deal of gratitude to Bakers Dozen. He was brave enough to go that last little bit and man was that a tight squeeze. Thanks also to Troop6 from a very cool cache!


Here is a link to the Cache page: Runestone (GC1CD2H)


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