I met yesterday with the managers of Ruthven Park to discuss placing a cache on their property.  The meeting went really well.  I think it went well because I was prepared for the meeting.

Here’s how I prepared for the meeting:

  1. I brought along the cache I was going to place so they could see the cache and the contents.  They weren’t sure what would be found inside but seeing it helped them understand that better.
  2. I thoroughly read their website to learn what their mission was and how geocaching could help them with that.
  3. I had an idea of where I wanted to put the cache and why.
  4. I had examples of cache listing pages with me.

I first contacted the park via email and I could tell from the reply that they were open to the idea.  I found out during my visit that they had contacted other facilities that have geocaches on their property to find out if it was a problem.  They had their own concerns and asked me to address them.  Their concerns were as follows:

  1. Can we tell people where to park?  Yes, I’ll add a child waypoint for that.
  2. Are we responsible for the cache?  No, all you are doing is giving me permission to place it, I’m responsible for it.
  3. What will people leave in the cache?  I showed them examples.

This was the first time I’ve met with a property owner directly.  I hope all meetings go as well as yesterday.  I’ve submitted the listing for review.  I need to wait to see if it is approved.  I don’t see why it wouldn’t be.


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