I’ve you’ve been geocaching for a while then you know the payoff when you find a cache.  The easy ones don’t provide much of a thrill but those tricky ones sure do!  I was 25 feet up a tree this weekend retrieving a cache.  That was fun.  So what is the payoff when  you place a cache?

Well here it is.  This is a log I received when someone found my cache “Tuck Stop“.

What an interesting piece of local history. Exactly what caching should be about, show the finder something they otherwise wouldn’t know about. We’ve driven by here countless times and didn’t know this existed. Thank you for showing it to us!!!

I’m glad this cacher enjoyed my cache. Tuck Stop is a 2/2.5, it’s on a hill.  Cache’s don’t have to be difficult to be enjoyable.  I was also happy that the finder wrote a nice log.  If you go to the trouble of placing a cache it’s nice to see that it’s appreciated.  I try to write something unique in all my logs.  I’m not always successful but I try.


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