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Geowoodstock IX

In less than 24hrs I start my journey down to Geowoodstock, will I see you there?

I attended last year and had a blast.  I hope this year is as much fun.  Will cache on my way down tomorrow and spend Friday caching in the area.   Saturday at the event, I hope to meet some friends that I’ve only chatted with online.  Drop me an email if you are going to be there.

Happy Caching, even if you aren’t coming to Geowoodstock, enjoy the long weekend!

Garmin Launches GPSMAP 62sc

Garmin GPSMAP 62sc CameraThe folks at Garmin have been busy.   Garmin just introduced four new product improvements to the mix.  There are new etrex, Astro, Rino and 62 series models.   The 62sc is of most interest to me as it has a built in camera.  Having just upgraded to the 62s it will be a while before I change units.

I’ve had some experience with the eXplorist 610 which has a built in camera and it is a very handy feature to have.  Most people that use smart phones for geocaching are used to taking pictures in the field.  Some geocaching apps even allow you to log and upload your photos from the field, talk about instant gratification.

Having your pictures automatically geotagged is  time saver.   Something I really like about having a camera built in to a GPS is the fact that you get a weatherproof camera as a bonus.  I was out shooting pictures the other night and the heavens opened with a torrential downpour.  I was soaked.   I acted quickly and put my camera gear away.  If I was geocaching at the time I wouldn’t have had to worry.

I don’t know if the addition of a camera will get many people to upgrade.  I know I won’t be inducing me to change any time soon.

The Aliens are Back

It would appear that ET phoned home and his friends are back with reinforcements!  This time there will be 1500 geocaches.  Can it be true?

There is an event scheduled that seems to indicate that the ET highway is back.

Alien Search Party – The 2nd Invasion!

I love the idea that geocaching can be an important part of the local economy I just wish the caches were a little more interesting.  Everyone plays the game differently I guess.

There could have been a movie tie in here with Aliens and Cowboys coming out soon.

How To Use FireTacks

FireTacks Usage Tutorial

FireTacks Usage Tutorial

I have posted a FireTacks Usage Tutorial over on the Cache At Night blog.  It seemed to make more sense  to post it there.  The tutorial offers tips on where to place FireTacks.  Of special note is the safe implications of taking people of the trail using FireTacks.