open caches in OntarioI’ve been watching the growth of listing on quite closely.  The ability to upload hides makes it easy to add existing caches into the site.  When I looked at the map for Ontario I thought that maybe a lot of local cachers were taking advantage of this feature.

I have written previously that cachers in my area are early adopters of GPS hardware.  This appears to be true of geocaching websites. has an API which would allow someone with more programming talent than me to find out how many caches are in a given area.  I don’t have those skills so I had to rely on what skills I do have which includes the ability to ask someone that knows the answer.

I asked Garmin how many caches were in Ontario and how many were in a comparably sized US state.  I was told there are 87 caches in Ontario and 23 caches in North Carolina.  A sample size of one is not definitive but it would appear that cachers in Ontario are giving a good work out.


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