garmin support screenGarmin launched on December 7th.  I’m a curious guy and like a lot of people I uploaded my finds to see how that would work.   It was really easy to upload my finds but it’s impossible to delete or edit them.  I sent a message to the opencaching support email at 20:19 on December 9 asking for instructions on how to edit my finds.  It is 09:33 on December 17th and I haven’t heard back.

If it’s my info shouldn’t I be allowed edit it as I see fit?  I’m sure the support folks are just swamped. launched with many bugs.  It’s obvious by the number of fixes that the team at opencaching have been working overtime to squash the bugs.  The site is working better but still no ability to edit my uploaded finds.  I can edit logs I create on opencaching but not those that I import.  This isn’t a bug, this is something that should have been built in from the start.

I sent my support request using the method provided which is to send an email to the support address.  Garmin uses a much more robust system for their core business.  Why aren’t they using this for   Maybe they just haven’t had time to integrate it or maybe they aren’t going to integrate it.   I wonder if the product engineers at Garmin would ever let such a buggy product be released?  I doubt they would.  Garmin may have had issues in their devices from time to time but they didn’t get to be the dominant hand held maker by producing inferior products.

Garmin did two things on the release of this product that they wouldn’t do with other products: go public with so many bugs, not integrate their core support tools. These deficiencies lead me to believe that Garmin is treating like a brochure and not a real product.


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