Groundspeak does a good job with don’t they?  I think they have built a nice functional website, for that I’m happy.  I think they are also narrow minded and restrictive with the information we contribute and for that I am not happy.

I sit on the executive team for the Ontario Geocaching Association.  When I last checked we had about 2200 registered members.  I am trying to figure out roughly how many geocachers there are in Ontario.  I contacted Groundspeak to see if they could shed any light on this.  After a two email exchange I was told this information was unavailable.  That’s a lie.  The information is definitely available Groundspeak is just choosing to not share.   That is completely within their right to keep that information proprietary but to what end?  Knowing how many users on are in Ontario would help the association secure funding and set goals.  Why is Groundspeak so closed minded when it comes to information sharing?

Groundspeak derives just about all of it’s income from the geocaching community.  Volunteers within that community advocate on behalf of the rest of the community.  When a property owner bans geocaching the entire community suffers.  It is in Groundspeak’s best interest to foster a stronger relationship with the associations and groups that promote geocaching.  Without the continued support geocaching will not grow at the pace it has and neither will Groundspeak.

I don’t know that we need another geocaching listing site but I do think we need more openness from Groundspeak.  Maybe a strong competitor to the offering can drive that openness.

To Jeremy and Bryan, we are your friends, let us help you!


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