Mosquito Repellent Patch

Mosquito Repellent Patch

Mosquitoes love me, they really do.  I can’t go out for more than 15 minutes without getting bitten at least once.  Well that was before the Don’t Bite Me mosquito repellent patch.

A few months ago I saw a commercial for mosquito repellent patches.  I couldn’t believe something so simple could work so well.  I’ve been a long time user of DEET based Cacher’s Cologne.   I hate using sprays but I didn’t have much choice if I was going to to out geocaching in the woods.   I knew I had to try the patches.

I have not been out caching three times and I can say that I have returned bite free.  At one point yesterday I was in a particularly mosquito infested area.  Several times there were mosquitoes on my arms and legs.   I thought they might have been biting me but today I don’t have any bite marks.  I’d have to say the patches worked.

It turns out that I’m just over the recommended size for a single patch.  This means I need to wear two patches.  The recommendations say to place the patch on a hairless area of the body.  Easier said then done in my case.  I resorted to my shoulders or my buttocks.  Applying them to the shoulder is a much more suitable if applying them in public.

You might want to give these patches a try.


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