Backpack ModificationI was talking to a geocaching friend the other day and he mentioned that he finds the new Garmin mounting system a bit frustrating.   He is used to the mounting system from the 60 series of GPSr.  He has a GPSMAP 62s now and has to deal with the carabiner clip as an attaching system.

His comment got me thinking.  I’ve been using the carabiner clip system since I got my Garmin Colorado last December.   What I do is clip the carabiner to a loop on the shoulder strap of my backpack.  In this way I’ve got the GPSr handy when I want to look at the screen.

The problem I had with the loop on the backpack is that it’s not aligned such that the GPSr rest flat on the shoulder strap.  Instead the GPSr is a little askew.  I’ve figured out two ways to correct this issue.  One is drastic the other is not.  Me being me I opted for the drastic route.  In fact it wasn’t until after I made the modification that I realized there is another way to achieve the same goal.

Backpack Loop Before Modification

Backpack Loop Before Modification

Backpack Loop After Modification

Backpack Loop After Modification

What I did was use my hot air gun to heat the loop until it was pliable. I then inserted a metal rod and twisted the loop. The result is that the loop now runs somewhat perpendicular to the shoulder strap instead of parallel.   By changing the orientation of the loop the GPSr now rests more comfortably on the strap.

The second method you could employ is to use a split ring on the clip.  A split ring is the kind of ring you find on your key-chain.  The split allows you to wind it on to something or something on to it.   The split ring would then serve the purpose of changing the orientation of the loop.

This wasn’t a completely original idea. I have seen twisted loops on various backpacks. Garmin also makes a belt clip mount. I could also use one of those as I still have the belt clip from my 60Csx.


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