NOTE:  There are spoilers in this post.

replacement logIs visiting your cache every once in a while important?  You betcha!  I learned this the hard way this weekend.  I have a cache close to home.  I actually pass by it quite regularly but I didn’t think I had any reason to stop in and check on it.   The cache was placed on October 24, 2009.  I thought I was reading the logs as they come in, apparently I was not reading them well enough.

I saw a log yesterday that said the log was too wet to sign so they put in some fresh paper.    With the cache so close to home I decided to drive over and have a look.  I emailed the person that found my cache to ask if they were sure it was mine as my cache is very weather resistant.  They were certain that it was.   On arriving at the cache if found my original log book was there and it was fine.  Some more emails were exchanged and the finder even sent me a picture of the wet log.  Something odd was going on so back I went to check things out.  That’s when I discovered what had happened.

original log and containerIn looking at the online logs I see that a number of people had made comments about a damp log.  I was certain my log would not be that damp as it is in a watertight container.  I don’t know why but I did not pay near enough attention to these comments.  I’m a little embarrassed that I didn’t.   When I went to look the second time I found out what was going on.  A helpful cacher thought that the log was missing, it wasn’t, so they added their own piece of paper.  Future cachers found this piece of paper and assumed it was the correct log.   The correct log is inside a plastic matchbox inside the outer container.

The lesson I learned here is that you need to pay special attention to any log that seems even remotely unexpected for your cache.  I was lucky in that this cache is close to home and I can easily maintain it.  I’ll be paying special attention to future log entries!



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