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Geocache Navigator is finally touch screen friendly.  Trimble has made that improvement and a few more to the latest release of Geocache Navigator.   I’ve been busy working on an upcoming geocaching event which has severely limited my available time for caching.  I was in Toronto this past week without my GPSr and decided to take advantage of some downtime and find some caches.  The ability to look up caches close to my location is my favourite feature of the Geocache Navigator software.   I’ve been able to do that since first using this app a few years ago.  Three are a couple of new changes to finding and saving caches in this new version of Geocache Navigator that I think are quite helpful.

For starters the new app is touch screen aware.  I use Geocache Navigator on my BlackBerry Torch.  In previous versions of the app the navigation buttons were touch sensitive but the maps were not.  In the new version you can scroll maps by dragging your finger across the screen.  This is much faster than the previous method.  To make scrolling even faster the app now stores a cache of map tiles locally on your phone.  In this way the application doesn’t have to constantly request map information over the air.   The ability to repetedly zoom in and then out without requesting map tiles makes the application much faster.   These features appear to be so new that the official user guide for the application does not reflect the new map features.  By default the new maps show aerial imagery.  You can switch to the traditional map view from the menu.

A brand new feature to the application is the ability to save caches to the phone.  Saving the caches to the phone saves only the cache details.  It does not save the previous logs but it does save the hint.  There are several areas that I cache in where cellphone coverage is a little spotty.  The ability to save cache details in advance makes it much easier to rely on my BlackBerry when I don’t have my GPSr nearby.  I still prefer my GPSr for outdoor use but my BlackBerry loaded with Geocache Navigator is very handy indeed!


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