The following list was compiled by Gregory Pleau (NorthernPenguin).

How to Spot a Geocacher

  1. They’re the one constantly picking pine needles and cedar bits out of their coat pockets.
  2. They’re the one walking in circles around the spruce tree, while the dog waits on the trail.
  3. They are the one standing beside that lamp post, trying to not look suspicious as you walk past.
  4. They are the one that knows what a used ammo can, a rubbermaid container and a film canister have in common.
  5. They are the one carrying a plastic grocery bag around inside a film canister with the word CITO on it.
  6. They are the one muttering something about it only being a 1.5 / 2
  7. They have an insect shaped barcode on the back window of their car
  8. They’re heading outside with a GPS in weather that would keep the postman home
  9. They’re the one that can’t walk 100′ on a trail without saying “That would be a good spot for a cache”
  10. They are the ones standing under the bridge instead of walking across it
  11. They keep repeating the phrase “Why have you brought me here?”
  12. They have an XBox360, PS3 or a Wii, and it has an inch of dust on top.
  13. They hang film canisters in their Christmas tree.

Greg has other talents. He is also the person behind the Ontario Trails Project. Crowdsourced trail data for Ontario.

Update:  A couple more were submitted by res2100 as comments but moved here for easier reading.

  1. When at the store signing a credit card receipt, you accidentally sign your geocaching handle instead of your real name.
  2. You buy items in the grocery store that comes in containers that would make excellent geocaches.


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