Terracaching ClosedGroundspeak outlasts another competitor.  It appears the geocache listing site, www.terracaching.com is going to shut down on December 31, 2010.  There is a post on their forum that makes this assertion.   The administrators are willing to have someone take over the site but they are done with it.

I will now have to find a new listing site for the cache I just listed on Terracaching as part of my experiment.  I suppose this will be part of the results of the experiment.

I light of this closing does Garmin really stand a chance against Groundspeak?  The market has spoken.   Geocachers want to use geocaching.com.  Will Garmin’s offering be more compelling than Terracaching’s?

The field has been thinned.  Which site will fill the void of a closed Terracaching is unknown.   Is there even a void that needs to be filled?  I can imagine both Garmin and Groundspeak will try and woo the users of Terracaching.  There aren’t a lot of users on Terracaching but those that are there tend to be more than casual geocachers.   I recognize a lot of the names as active local geocachers.  This is a group of geocachers that Garmin and Groundspeak would like to have using their service.


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