Comments on: Groundspeak Responds Geocaching Can be Addictive Mon, 25 May 2015 14:52:06 +0000 hourly 1 By: Stith Thu, 16 Dec 2010 12:26:54 +0000 Schrottie’s post is absurd. I know goeocachers who have been participating in the sport for 4 -5 years and who have thousands of finds who never paid a dime. If that is a “trial membership” then their trial has lasted a very long time. So you pay nominal fee for enhanced features, big deal

Groundspeak is not a multi billion dollar corporation that can afford the servers and developers necessary to run such a site and simply write it off as overhead. Somebody has to pay for that stuff and I assure you that Jeremy and company do not have the means to to do so out of their own pockets.

They are simply geocachers who are trying to run a geocaching site and judging from the site’s success, doing a darn good job of it. Apparently they were TOO successful and Garmin’s corporate bean counters saw an opportunity to rake in more money. That is precisely why Garmin is trying to get their filthy big money corporate hands on the game and if anybody thinks differently I have a bridge to sell them.

The use of to find geocaches is free and will always be as promised by Jeremy. Will Min Kao make that same pledge? Doubt it. I wonder how many how many caches Mr. Kao has placed and how many finds he has. I’m willing to bet none. Geocaching to him is an odd little game that made his company millions. That is all he knows and cares to know about Geocaching.

I’ve met Jeremy at several Geowoodstocks and had an extended conversation with him at one. I also ran into him at several other events as well. Jeremy is a geocacher. You might even run into him on the trail if you live in the area. Will we see Mr Kao at Geowoodstock or other events, or ever run into him at a cache? I don’t think so because the only thing he wants to know about geocaching is how much money it can make him. Go ahead and put the sport in his hands. You will regret it, I assure you.

By: Schrottie Wed, 08 Dec 2010 08:11:33 +0000

Over the past 10 years, we have worked very hard to keep geocaching free, […]

Hmm, is it free, when you must pay for basic(!) database functions like queries? Is it free, when the queries you pay for are limited? Is it free, when you must pay for GPX files? Is it free, when you must pay for simple filters in the cache map?

I think, is not free. The free part of GC, the basic membership, is not more than a trial membership. The free traditional geocaching that Jeremy Irish once promised is no longer there…