Last week I wrote a post about my struggle to get a count of the number of geocachers in Ontario from Groundspeak.  I went through the regular channels and was told the information doesn’t exist.  Technically speaking that is probably true so I rephrased my question.  I asked how many members of are from Ontario.  I was told by a Lackey that this information didn’t exist either.  Well it turns out this information does exist.

Bryan Roth Lackey IconThis morning I heard from Bryan Roth, one of the co-founders of Groundspeak.  One of my posts caught his attention and he decided to write to me directly.  Bryan was very helpful and answered my question.  If you are curious, there are 34,574 cachers on who list their home location as Ontario.  This is not definitive of the total number of geocachers in Ontario but it gives us a better idea than guessing.

Roth wanted me know that Groundspeak is a staunch supporter of the geocaching community and is keen to help with information and support when it can.  He even acknowledged that in past there have been cases where Groundspeak was not as responsive as it could have been.  Having attended their block party after Geowoodstock VIII, I can attest that they are trying to give back to the community.

Unfortunately Roth declined to comment explicitly about the pending launch of Garmin’s  He cited the launch of the Chirp as an example of where Groundspeak responded rapidly to the needs of the community which to him, “is the most important thing”.


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