I’d like to put a geocache in the GRCA’s Shade’s Mills conservation area but I can’t.  The park superintendent doesn’t allow it.  I wondered if this was a specific park rule or applied to all the conservation areas that are part of the GRCA.  Does the GRCA have an official goecaching policy?  Not Yet.  I’m not one to sit idly by when I want something to happen.  Not only do I live close to Shade’s Mills but I am also close to the GRCA main office.   I was out running errands today and I decided to stop in and see if I could talk to someone about the lack of an official GRCA policy.

When I stopped in I had the pleasure of meeting the Manager, Conservation Area Operations.  He was a very helpful individual.  He explained to me that the GRCA has had minor problems with geocachers in the past and would like to do something to get a better handle on the situation.  They are currently discussing internally the idea of an official policy but as yet do not have one.  He expects to introduce a policy in 2010.

He has been in touch with the conservation authorities for Hamilton and Halton regions.   These two authorities already have official geocaching policies.  It is safe to assume that any policy the GRCA enacts will be similar to those already in place at the neighbouring authorities.  I got the impression that the GRCA would like to allow geocaching in it’s facilities along as it’s done in an ecologically sensitive sustainable way.

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