Splinterheads Movie Review

TweetI found out about this movie last year.  I was intrigued because Geocaching factored into the story as a way to bring the two main characters together.  I sat down last night and popped in the DVD.   The story was very predictable, misfit falls for pretty girl, pretty girl ignores misfit, girl and boy […]

Good Day for Garmin Support

TweetA couple of months ago I was out caching and my GPS started acting up.  I was getting lines across the screen.  There was conversation amongst myself and the cachers I was with that perhaps the Colorado 300 needed a firmware upgrade.  Luckily Northern Penguin had his laptop with him and by chance he had […]

Geocaching for numbers, puzzles, challenges, which?

TweetOver the years I’ve watched how people enjoy geocaching and I think you can break them down into four types of players.   There is not “right” way to play the game.  It’s an individual choice.  Play it however you want so that you can get the maximum enjoyment out of it for you.   […]

Property Owner Meetings

TweetI met yesterday with the managers of Ruthven Park to discuss placing a cache on their property.  The meeting went really well.  I think it went well because I was prepared for the meeting. Here’s how I prepared for the meeting: I brought along the cache I was going to place so they could see […]

How To Spot a Geocacher

TweetThe following list was compiled by Gregory Pleau (NorthernPenguin). How to Spot a Geocacher They’re the one constantly picking pine needles and cedar bits out of their coat pockets. They’re the one walking in circles around the spruce tree, while the dog waits on the trail. They are the one standing beside that lamp post, […]