No Joy in Brute Force Caching

TweetA couple of times this summer I tried doing noseeum, a micro cache near Huntsville.  The cache is rated 5 as it is quite hard to find.  This cache is typically found via brute force.  You spend a few hours on your hands and knees looking for the cache.   This was okay the first time […]

What is a Good Geocaching Hint?

TweetI’ve done a bit of geocaching lately on what are normally considered easier caches.  These are caches rated somewhere between 1/1 and 2/2.   I’ve noticed on these kinds of caches that many cache owners don’t feel a hint is needed.    I don’t know if that is every the case.   The most frequent […]

Approaching 1000 Geocache Finds

TweetAs I approach 1000 geocache finds I’m starting to get a strange feeling come over me.  I’ve never been about the numbers.  Some of my caching friends have in excess of 4000 finds, one even double that.  For me I’ve never enjoyed going out and doing drive by caches just to pad my numbers.   […]

Online World Caching Store Sold

TweetIt has come to my attention that Nina has sold her World Caching Store to someone in BC.  Nina is returning to her studies.  After 5 years of running WorldCaching she was ready for a change.  From what I’ve heard she wants to have the transaction completed by September.  That doesn’t leave a lot of […]

Sidelined by a Sprained Ankle

TweetCome fall you can frequently find me in front of the TV on a Sunday afternoon watching football.  From time-to-time you’ll see a wide receiver land awkwardly.   I have gained a new appreciation for their toughness when I watch them “walk it off”.  Last Sunday I sprained my ankle while trying to re-hide a […]