When Geocaching Goes Wrong

TweetThe latest black eye for geocaching is the archiving of the ET Highway series of geocaches in Nevada.  The claim to fame for this series was that it had over 1000 caches in the series.  The loss of this series doesn’t really bother me from the standpoint of losing a power trail, the loss does […]

The Night Cache Book Review

TweetI just finished reading Andy Duncan’s, The Night Cache and I enjoyed it, you might too.  As a novella the book is not very long and I was able to read it in one sitting.  The book gave me a few ideas that I’d like to incorporate into some future caches. Follow this link to […]

CacheMania License Details

TweetYou may have noticed the addition of the Creative Commons logo to the bottom of the left column.   I recently noticed that one of my posts formed the basis of a similar article by someone else but they didn’t provide attribution.  I don’t mind if someone wants to help the geocaching community by reusing my content […]

Grandma Terrain Rating

TweetIn the last two days I’ve done over 70 caches. So many in a row allows you to see patterns much clearer. The rail trail we were on is very flat and if not snow covered would be fairly easy to walk on.  You could give it a Grandma Terrain Rating.  The trail is not wheelchair accessible […]

New Importance of Keeping Track of Finds

TweetLike many of you I’ve been assigning my favorites since the feature went live on Tuesday.  It turns out that only premium members can assign favorites and you have to have found the cache, DNFs don’t count. Last April I was on a road trip to Northern Ontario and stopped to do a few caches […]