Runestone not for casual Geocachers

TweetGeocaching has something for everyone but this geocache is only for the adventurous. To start with it is in a cave so that prevents anyone with a passing sense of claustrophobia. The caves get VERY narrow so you really need to want to go in there. There is a bit of climbing. The climbing isn’t […]

The Portuguese Swamp

Tweet  The Portuguese Swamp is a Provincially Significant Wetland, most of which is owned by the City of Cambridge with some parts privately owned. The Portuguese Swamp is bound on the south by Burnett Ave, to the east by Townline Road, the west by Can-Amera Parkway and to the north by a residential subdivision. The […]

Wilfrid G Crozier Nature Reserve

TweetThe Wilfrid G Crozier reserve has played an important role in preserving the beauty and ecology of the Niagara Escarpments. The 4-hectare reserve straddles a section of the escarpment near Milton. Donated to the Ontario Federation of Naturalists in 1972 by Wilfrid G. Crozier, the reserve allowed the Federation to appear before hearings on the […]