Continues to Improve

TweetThe folks over at Garmin have not been idle.  It was announced yesterday that you can now edit your logs on   Now you can delete and edit your logs.  This is a much needed improvement.  I contacted Garmin last year and asked how I could delete my logs and was told that I […]

Opencaching Blog

TweetI stumbled across a neat blog devoted to Opencaching.  The blog called  I’m not sure who the author is but the domain is registered to a Ronald Miller.  I’ll assume he’s the author.   The site is relatively new.  The site is focused exclusively on  If you are into opencaching you might want […]

Garmin Strikes Back and Misses

TweetOkay so the gloves are off. Groundspeak had much fan fair about the launch of recent updates to the website. On the same day as the update Garmin announces that has an official peer review process.  The timing cannot be coincidental. This is a major victory for Groundspeak.  Supporters of have insisted […]

No Response from Support

TweetGarmin launched on December 7th.  I’m a curious guy and like a lot of people I uploaded my finds to see how that would work.   It was really easy to upload my finds but it’s impossible to delete or edit them.  I sent a message to the opencaching support email at 20:19 on […]

Saturation Milestone

TweetLet the saturation issues begin. appears to have maxed out the number of caches it can display at one time.  One week after launching there are now at least 5000 caches listed on  I suppose I could zoom in and recenter the map. What I find interesting is how fast the listings have […]