Pictures, Poison Ivy & Stinging Nettles

TweetI have collected some pictures on Flickr for Poison Ivy and Stinging Nettles.  I will create a post in the future with tips on how to deal with stings from both.  Hint:  Keep an eye out for Jewelweed. Stinging Nettle Pictures Poison Ivy Pictures Do you have pictures of either of these plants posted on […]

Send Google Map Locations to Your GPS

TweetWell here is a little feature I just learned about today.  Google has made it so that you can send a location that you find on a map directly to your GPSr.  It’s a two step process.  I think I’ll be using this in the future. Here’s a video from Garmin that explains how it […]

Posting Geocaching Pictures to Flickr

TweetChances are you post pictures to flickr because you want other people to see them.   In some cases you only want friends or family to see them, in other cases you want to reach a larger audience.  Here are five things you should be doing to maximize or minimize the number of people that […]

Geocaching Gift Suggestions

TweetI was fortunate to receive a few geocaching related gifts at Christmas.  Once I had them all together in one place I realized they made a nice list of geocaching gift suggestions.   See below for a list of items. 1. GPS Receiver $100+ 2.Reusable Hand Warmers $5ea 3. Yaktrax, “snow chains” for your shoes. […]

Add Pull-Tab to Garmin Power Cable

TweetI recently discovered that the strain relief on my Garmin external power cable had failed.   The wire was still okay but it wouldn’t be for long if I didn’t do something about it.  While thinking about how to fix this problem I realized that the underlying issue was there there isn’t enough of the […]