Any Geocachers About?

TweetHave you ever rolled into an out of the way trail-head parking lot and found another car there?  Did you wonder if they were also geocaching?  Just last weekend we walked back to our cars from a 1km hike on a frozen lake only to find a geocacher’s car parked between our vehicles.  Brendah from our group […]

Backpack Modification for Garmin Clip

TweetI was talking to a geocaching friend the other day and he mentioned that he finds the new Garmin mounting system a bit frustrating.   He is used to the mounting system from the 60 series of GPSr.  He has a GPSMAP 62s now and has to deal with the carabiner clip as an attaching […]

Garmin Colorado Usability Tips

TweetI’ve had my Garmin Colorado for almost a year now.  I’m finally getting the hang of the scroll wheel.  I’ve done a few trips on some power trails lately followed by writing online logs for the wrong cache.  My memory isn’t what it used to be so  I’m making a concerted effort to enter something […]

An Expensive Ladder

TweetI attended a Golden Horseshoe Monthly Geocaching Club event today.  It was held in Stratford which is the home town for my geocaching pals 2 Land Rovers.   It wasn’t until dinner that Maryanne showed us pictures of how she retrieved a cache that was placed in a tree.  The  cache description called for climbing […]

Mosquito Repellent Patches – Do they Work?

TweetMosquitoes love me, they really do.  I can’t go out for more than 15 minutes without getting bitten at least once.  Well that was before the Don’t Bite Me mosquito repellent patch. A few months ago I saw a commercial for mosquito repellent patches.  I couldn’t believe something so simple could work so well.  I’ve […]