Listing Sites Add Features

TweetThere is nothing static about the major listing sites. has released “Challenges” to a mixed reception. has introduced “find verification” but that requires a firmware update.    I’m not sure how either of these will make geocaching more fun. The “find verification” tools over at will no doubt be appealing to […]

Geocaching Souvenirs

TweetIt’s been a while now since released online souvenirs.  Now that there are more of them you can start to see the utility a little more.  Groundspeak has picked the easy ones to include first.  US states and Canadian provinces now have souvenirs.   There are a few special caches that also have souvenirs. […] Changes after Maintenance

Tweet Do you notice anything different about the layout of the cache page?  It looks like the Difficulty and Terrain are now listed one above the other instead of side by side.  As part of that change the Favorites feature has moved down a little. The favorites number has also experienced an interesting change.  You […] Resolves Privacy Issue

TweetThis past Tuesday Groundspeak announced changes to that included a new stats page.  One of the features of the stats page included a listing of your nearest and furthest finds.  According to a developer at Groundspeak you only saw the cache ID if you were logged into your own account.  It was not clear […]

Summary of New Features at

TweetRegardless of what the timing may suggest the new features on  have been in the works for some  time.  That much is obvious.  What is not so obvious are some of the subtle changes that have taken place.  More thought is going in to the design.  Groundspeak is moving away from what my friend […]