BFL Countdown Begins

TweetThe 5th annual BFL Bootcamp event takes place on October 30th.  I’ve attended the previous three evenings, they are more than just the event.  This year will be the first year that I am placing  a cache for the event. I’m building my cache with Bakers Dozen.  We seem to have most of the physical […]

What is a Good Geocaching Hint?

TweetI’ve done a bit of geocaching lately on what are normally considered easier caches.  These are caches rated somewhere between 1/1 and 2/2.   I’ve noticed on these kinds of caches that many cache owners don’t feel a hint is needed.    I don’t know if that is every the case.   The most frequent […]

An Expensive Ladder

TweetI attended a Golden Horseshoe Monthly Geocaching Club event today.  It was held in Stratford which is the home town for my geocaching pals 2 Land Rovers.   It wasn’t until dinner that Maryanne showed us pictures of how she retrieved a cache that was placed in a tree.  The  cache description called for climbing […]

Night Caching

TweetI have built one night cache so far and will be building a second as part of the BFL Boot Camp V – Devilluminati an annual night caching extravaganza.  The idea for the BFL cache is already locked in. We explored a variety of ideas including ultra violet (UV) and infra red (IR) visible caches. […]

Benefit of Always Being Prepared

TweetA group of Toronto Area Geocachers went on a bit of a road trip this past weekend.  There goal was to reach several specific terrain/difficulty caches to complete 81 Proof.  As part of their trip they encountered and obsticle.  Emzernask came prepared. teamvoyagrI have been writing the cachemania blog since 2008. I’m interested in the […]