The Last Stretch

TweetWritten by Don Alexander     There wasn’t much of a trail at first. It was overgrown, had marshy spots and rocks, but it was much better than what we’d gone through to get here today.  With a quick change of batteries, headlamp and GPS on the move, we were on our way towards the main […]

Where others had gone before

TweetWritten by Don Alexander     The sun had disappeared behind the ridge.  After a few pictures and a wee break we started our bushwhacking along the lake in the slowly dimming light.  Not far into the bush we came across a canoe.  We were wondering where Tomtec and Elf had stored their ride.  It was […]

Trail to the Boat Launch

TweetWritten by Don Alexander     After the group shots, Team Goju had a few more that they needed to take.  Having carried a costume all the way to the top, understandably you’d want to make sure you got SOME shots with it.  Res2100, wisely, wanted to get as much hiking done while the daylight was still […]

The Summit At last!

TweetWritten by Don Alexander     Our arrival at the peak was 1:03pm.  We had made it but were concerned for the other members from the group that we split off from.  There were scattered reports of trouble with the other group of hikers and Team Goju was on the horn in an instant to find […]

Begin Hiking Ishpatina Ridge

TweetWritten by Don Alexander 5:30am came quite fast.  Actually, I was woken before by the most unique wakeup call I’ve ever experienced.  Sometime before then someone has turned on the ignition of their ATV.  It was so quiet, so gentle that I don’t think anyone else heard it.  I was still so exited about the […]