The End of Geocaching

TweetI am a little concerned that geocaching might be on the downward slide.   What makes me think this?  The length of online logs.   I’m noticing a trend in the logs I’m seeing towards shorter logs for new cachers.  I ran some numbers on a cache I just published and cachers with more than […]

Ottawa Geocaching

TweetI’m not sure what is going on up in Ottawa but it appear there is a new website for Ottawa Geocaching.  The old site appears to have been summarily shut down.  I hate it when this kind of thing happens.  There are better ways to transition to a new website.   Hopefully I’ll get the […]

Guelph Hiking Trail Club not against Geocaching

TweetI learned a few days ago that several geocaches were removed from the Guelph Radial Line trail.  I was puzzled at first as to why the Guelph Hiking Trail Club would remove the caches.  It turns out it wasn’t really the Guelph Hiking Trail Club that took exception but rather it was the property owners […]

Ontario Geocaching Association

TweetI made some changes to the Ontario Geocaching Association website today.  The biggest change is the I highlighted the fact that there is a free membership to the association.   All you need to do is sign up. That’s it.  No strings attached.  If you want to go further you can buy the paid membership […]

Ontario Geocaching Association

TweetI have volunteered my services to the Ontario Geocaching Association.  I will be helping with the website.  Today has been a busy day getting the site monitoring tools in place.  If you are not already a member then I encourage you to join.  It’s currently only $5 for a lifetime membership.   Your contribution supports […]