my geocaching profileThe official Groundspeak announcement has not been made but it has been confirmed to me by multiple sources that will soon have a stats tab.

Groundspeak has acquired  The founder of the site, Cameron Kleinert said this when asked about the transition, ” The most rewarding part of this project is that having the stats and maps automatically generated in the main site means more geocachers can see and enjoy these features”

In light of this acquisition Groundspeak has started to integrate the MGP options into  I have found out that another reviewer has received advance screenshots.  I have permission from Groundspeak to post them here.

Even though the timing of these changes is a bit circumspect I’m pretty sure they have been in development for some time.

As of next Wednesday your profile page will include a stats generator.  This will make it easier for average users to see their stats.  You won’t need to use GSAK or a third party service to build a stats profile.   This has been s sought after feature.

geocaching stats chronology

Some challenge caches require you to find a cache on a give day or over a certain period of time.  This chart will make easier to meet those requirements.

geocaching finds by dayHere in Ontario one of the popular challenge caches is 81 Proof.  This is a cache that requires the finders have a find in each box of the terrain/difficulty matrix.  I’m no where close to achieving that but it is one cache I might try for in 2011.  Here’s how the new stats tab will show the matrix.

geocaching matrix

I’m sure we’ll be seeing more changes in next week’s upgrade.


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