It’s been a while now since released online souvenirs.  Now that there are more of them you can start to see the utility a little more.  Groundspeak has picked the easy ones to include first.  US states and Canadian provinces now have souvenirs.   There are a few special caches that also have souvenirs.  Those were some of the first to be added.

I hope that Ontario’s Spring Fling gets a souvenir.  It is one of the biggest or perhaps the biggest event in Ontario.

You can see the souvenir’s I’ve accumulated since Groundspeak has been doling them out.  I’m up to twelve, my frequent geocaching partner Bakers Dozen is up to 18.   Of all the people I regularly cache with none have more than res2100, he has 50.  I was surprised to see that Portugal has a souvenir.

I wonder if someone will create a challenge cache were you need to get all the souvenirs offered by Groundspeak?

TeamVoyagr's Souvenirs

TeamVoyagr's Souvenirs


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