This past Tuesday Groundspeak announced changes to that included a new stats page.  One of the features of the stats page included a listing of your nearest and furthest finds.  According to a developer at Groundspeak you only saw the cache ID if you were logged into your own account.  It was not clear that other players did not see the cache ID information. This led some premium members chose to turn off their stats page.

In response to the privacy concerns I received this tweet:

@cachemania I just turned the stats off.

I see now that Groundspeak has clarified this issue by adding a note for those two finds.   If you log in to your own account you now see this:

nearest and furthest finds your view

As you notice above the logged in users sees the details for the nearest and furthest but other players do not. Other premium members see the following.

nearest furthest finds other players

It is nice to see that Groundspeak responded quickly to the confusion.

[Note: This post was updated to reflect the actual changes]


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