I became aware in early November that Garmin was going to launch opencaching.com.  AS I was researching that site I explored a few other geocache listing sites.  I decided to try listing a cache on the other sites and see what would happen.  Would those caches get found?

The short answer is they have all be found the long answer is only Geocaching.com is driving real visits.

Geocache Placement Expermiment Results
Listing Site ID Logs Placed Friends
geocaching.com GC2JTY7 7 Nov 29 3
opencaching.com OXZTY6W 3 Dec 7 3
opencaching.us OU018E 3 Nov 29 3

You can see from the results in the table above that only the cache listed on geocaching.com has visits from people that aren’t my friends.  Would the caches listed on other sites ever have been found if the finders did not know about the experiment?

Admittedly the local weather would likely keep the novice geocacher at home.  All finders have over 1500 cache finds.  Where are the newbies?

Perhaps the results would be different in the summer.  For me personally I’ll take a little cold and snow over mosquitoes any day!


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